Our Next Mart is January 7th at 9:00am

The Mart is January 7th at 9:00am.
At the The Knights of Columbus, 1800 South 92nd Street, West Allis, WI 53214

Educational Lecture by Brad Smith -“Repairing Jefferson Mystery Clocks”

“Show & Tell” – Bring an Electric Clock

Thanks to Brad Smith for his presentation on making a Rolling Ball Clock.  First he went into the history of rolling ball clocks and the different types which have been made.  Brad then discussed how he purchased plans from Clayton Boyer for making a complete clock from wood.  But Brad being a machinist decided to replace most parts with aluminum.  The wheels and pinions were made from Baltic birch plywood.  The drawings were glued to the plywood and cut out on a scroll saw and finished with a table top mounted belt sander.  The aluminum components were made on his mill and drill press.  Adjustments had to be made in the design due to the different rolling characteristics of wood and aluminum.

Brad showed the tabletop, spring-driven, rolling ball clock with a compound balance pendulum and parallelogram grasshopper escapement which he made. This is nearly silent clockworks that releases a steel ball every five minutes, but on the hour, the balls are returned and recycled. As the minutes race tilts and spills its eleven extra balls into the serpentine race, it then falls back to hit the large bell with a “CLANG!” One ball from the minutes race enters the hour race, and then the remainder of the eleven minutes balls are let down into the collection area by a drop wheel that also dings a little bell for each ball dropped. Unlike the Congrave clock where the balls are used to keep time, this clock uses the balls to display time and provide much entertainment along the way.


The board met after the November meeting and came up with the following new ideas to be tried in 2018.

  • We will have available a silent auction table between 9:00 and 9:45 during meetings where members can place items on table for bid. Seller can place a minimum bid on the item and buyers can write their bid on the bid sheet.  At 9:45 the highest bid wins, and the sellers and buyers complete the sell between themselves.  There will be no cost for either seller or buyer in using this silent auction table.
  • We would like to reintroduce a repair clinic at marts but would like feedback from our members. This table would have members available to answer repair questions or give advice.  We could have this topic specific such as: Clocks, watches, barometers?  Let me know if this service would be valued by you and we can set something like this up.
  • Tentative educational programs for 2018:

January: Brad Smith is will discuss repair processes for restoring Jefferson electric golden hour mystery clocks.

March: Craig White will discuss making lead weights

May: Mike Dempsey will give talk on making a die filing attachment for Shirline lathes.

September: Mike Dempsey will give talk on electric clock repair

November: Craig White will discuss his Astronomical Clock.

Thank you,

Craig White


The Mart will be on November 19th, at the Knights of Columbus

I hope everyone enjoyed the new location, it is: Knights of Columbus, 1800 South 92nd Street, West Allis, WI 53214. Everything went well and I heard the coffee was good.

Thanks to Robert Olney for his talk at the September meeting. His talk was on World War II ships clocks. He discussed that most of the ships clocks for the US were made by two different manufactures, Chelsea and Seth Thomas. While the clocks are similar there are many variances between the manufactures. Robert brought along many examples for us to see. Thanks for enlightening us about these clocks.

Brad Smith is going to do a presentation at the November 19 meeting on the Rolling Ball Clock he built.

We need presentations for upcoming meetings. If you have any suggestions or would like to do a presentation please contact Harry Schulz.

We will be having a board meeting after the presentation to discuss future chapter ideas. Please pass along any ideas you may have to me or any officers or board members.

Thank you,
Craig White

Novembers Show and Tell—Bring a novelty timepiece.

The Mart on September 24 is at a new location.

Please note, our new location is: Knights of Columbus, 1800 South 92nd Street, West Allis, WI 53214. There is ample parking in their lot. The hall is very similar in amenities. Come join us for the September meeting and see our new location. Also note the dates have already been assigned for 2018, and November 2017’s meeting has a new date, see Events Page.

Robert Olney is going to do a presentation at the September 24th meeting on collecting American Military Clocks of WWII.

Brad Smith is going to do a presentation at the November 19th meeting on the Rolling Ball Clock he built.

1 day Joint Mart in Antioch IL.

Joint Chapter Meeting

Co-Hosted by

NAWCC Chapters 3 and 47

Saturday August 19th, 2017
9:00am to 2:00pm

VFW Post 4551  |  75 North Ave, Antioch IL

Come Join us for our
Annual Joint Chapter Meeting
  • Free Admission to NAWCC members.
  • Open to the public, $5.00 admission.
  • $5.00 mart tables, NAWCC members.
  • No preregistration, first come first serve.

This meeting is to recruit new members to the NAWCC, and the host chapters. Please bring your friends.

Contact: David Lee ♦ davidlee@theclockworks.com

  • We reserve the right to limit the number of tables per attendee.

Chapter 47’s Meeting Location Has Changed

Norway House has cancelled our contract as they are selling the building and the new owners are not interested in renting.  I have found a new location that is similar in size and not too far from our old location.  The facility is very nice and compatible with the things we do at our meetings.  Rent is the same but they will make the coffee and do setup and take down which will be nice.
New Location is:
Knights of Columbus, 1800 South 92nd Street, West Allis, WI 53214
Hours: 8:00 Mart setup, 9:00 Mart opens, 10:00 Educational Program
Dates reserved are as follows:
September 24, 2017, same as planned for Norway House
November 19, 2017, new date (different from date on previous schedules)
January 7, 2018
March 18, 2018
May 6, 2018
September 16, 2018
November 18, 2018
Thanks for your understanding,
Craig White

Our Next Mart will be Held on May 7th, 2017


This month’s educational speaker will be Jack Heisler.  The title of his talk is: Chronometers, and where the hell are we. Jack is a past president of chapter 47 and also held most of the offices at the time.  He has been an instructor in Waukesha Technical College, as well as a field suit case instructor for the NAWCC.  This is sure to be a very informative talk.

Bring your chronometers to show the group and here what Jack has to say about them.  Or stand up and tell us what you know about the time keeper

The Meeting will be at the Norway House, 7507 W Oklahoma Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53219. Table setup starts at 8:00, meeting starts at 9:00, lecture starts at 10:00.

January’s Mart will be on the 8th at 9:00 am

The educational talk will be “Sundials of Wisconsin” by Ed Buc

Message from the President
The last of presentation for the year was given by Bill Galinsky.  He presented a detailed history of the maker of the table top cuckoo clock.  The owner of this clock is Mike Dempsey and we have been watching it’s restoration over the last couple of years in our chapter meetings.  Bill has demonstrated carving replacement parts and finishing techniques to get new wood to match the old wood, an art all of its self.  It really turned out well and will be a great addition to Mike’s collection.

The November election was completed with all officers and directors agreeing to serve their same positions for 2 more years.   I would also like to thank Mike Dempsey of the election committee for organizing this election.  Also a big thanks for all the officers and directors for doing their role making everyone’s job easy and fun.

The membership voted to raise the dues from $20 to $25/year and keep the donuts for all to enjoy at the meetings.  Thank you for participating in the vote.

We still need volunteers for the educational talks for 2017, see Harry Schulz or myself with suggestions or volunteers.

The January talk will be on sundials by Ed Buc.

Thank you,
Craig White

The Dues rates for 2017 are as follows:

$25 – Dues for 2017
$10 – Gold Card (prepaid admission to the marts)
$5 – Paper Newsletter (mailed to your home)

Dues can be paid at the January Mart or mailed to:

NAWCC Chapter 47
PO Box 5252
Milwaukee WI 53205-5252

DannO Osterud


Our Next Mart will be on May 15th.

The speaker at May’s meeting will be Bruce Shawkey. Bruce has been collecting vintage watches since 1986, and has been a dedicated dealer in vintage watches since 1991. He has written many articles for the Bulletin and will be giving a talk titled The Wristwatch Turns 100!
The modern man’s wristwatch came of age in the crucible of World War I, which marks its 100th anniversary next year. In two short years — from 1917 to 1919 — the man’s wristwatch turned from a novelty into a rugged, masculine accessory that would go on to replace the pocket watch as the preferred timepiece for men. Learn how that all happened, and get a few tips on buying these early timepieces for your collection.
See the Events page for time and location.
Hope to see you there.

Our next mart will be held on March 20th

Our next meeting is on March 20th, 2016 at the Norway House. Please see the Events page for times.

For the Educational Program Craig White will give a presentation on monumental clocks and show a local one still available to see in Oshkosh.

Clocks in the News. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did a write up on the Allan Bradley clock tower and Steve Strzok who maintains it on July 29th. Check it out here.