Midwest Regional August 7th and 8th in Valparaiso, In

Please Help! Volunteers are needed for the Midwest regional.

We need volunteers to help at the Registration Desk. Please contact Dorothy Hanson at (63O) 323-7984 (Evenings before 10 p.m. CDT) or email her at fhansen34@yahoo.com.

The Midwest Regional returns as a two day event this year on August 7th and 8th at the Porter County Exposition Center, 215 East Division Road, in Valparaiso, Indiana

The pre-registration deadline is July 20th. You can register at at the NAWCC’s website or print out and mail a paper copy.

The 2015 Exhibit will be :  Illinois Bunn Special, 16 Size
The Program will be Michael Chamelin, Author of The 16 Size Illinois Bunn Special 1913-1948

Electric Horology Chap. 78, British Horology Chap. 159, and Horological Tool Chapter 173 will be having Meetings and presentations.
There will be a Tailgate on Friday morning before the mart opens(weather permitting) and a banquette on Friday night after the mart closes.
This is always a fun event and you should come if you can.
If you can help out by volunteering some time it really makes a difference. Our organization is what you make it.
Hope to see you there.