Our Next Meeting will be on Sunday, November 13th.

The last of program for the year will be by Bill Galinski.  He will make a presentation on the restoration of Mike Dempsey’s cuckoo clock  we have been watching over the last couple of years.  If you remember this is the clock he has demonstrated carving and finishing a while back.

The board has reviewed our finances for the upcoming 2017 calendar year, and we are anticipating a monetary short fall.  Our expenses are very few, Norway House rental, insurance, coffee, fruit and donuts.  After much discussion we came up with 2 alternatives as follows:

  • Raise dues from $20 to $25 per year
  • Eliminate the “free” donuts

Either option should balance our chapter’s budget in 2017.  Please let Craig White know your individual thoughts (NAWCC.Chapter47@gmail.com) on which option you would prefer, or let our Treasurer, DannO know at the door at next meeting.

Our Secretary Ed Buc was interviewed on radio station WUWM for a segment they did on a local clock tower. Hear the story here. Read more on this clock tower in Ed’s Spot a Clock article on this clock tower.

The November meeting will also be the time that officers and directors election will be held.  This election occurs every 2 years.  Please contact Mike Dempsey of the election committee if you are interested in helping out running the chapter.  Officer’s roles are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.   The director’s duties are primary in attending short meetings following some of normal chapter meetings.


Our next meeting will be on September 18th.

Our next meeting is on September 18th, 2016 at the Norway House. Please see the Events page for times.

For the Educational Program Craig White will be showing some home videos that the late Don Brown made back in 2006 of some of his clocks and watches. As many of you know he had a great collection as well as a vast knowledge of horology. So join us for a visit to Don’s collection.

Show and Tell—Anything you would like to talk about!

Visit the Newsletter page for the most recent newsletter.

There will be a board meeting following the education presentation to discuss the future of the Midwest regional and other items.

Our Next Mart will be on May 15th.

The speaker at May’s meeting will be Bruce Shawkey. Bruce has been collecting vintage watches since 1986, and has been a dedicated dealer in vintage watches since 1991. He has written many articles for the Bulletin and will be giving a talk titled The Wristwatch Turns 100!
The modern man’s wristwatch came of age in the crucible of World War I, which marks its 100th anniversary next year. In two short years — from 1917 to 1919 — the man’s wristwatch turned from a novelty into a rugged, masculine accessory that would go on to replace the pocket watch as the preferred timepiece for men. Learn how that all happened, and get a few tips on buying these early timepieces for your collection.
See the Events page for time and location.
Hope to see you there.

Our next mart will be held on March 20th

Our next meeting is on March 20th, 2016 at the Norway House. Please see the Events page for times.

For the Educational Program Craig White will give a presentation on monumental clocks and show a local one still available to see in Oshkosh.

Clocks in the News. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did a write up on the Allan Bradley clock tower and Steve Strzok who maintains it on July 29th. Check it out here.

Next Mart is January 24, 2016.

Our next meeting is on Sunday, January 24, 2016 at the Norway House. Please see the Events page for times.

Instead of an Educational Lecture we will be doing a Show and Tell by the members. Please bring something unusual or with an interesting story to share. Should be fun.

There will be a computer and projector available if you need to add some supporting photos.

Check out January’s newsletter for all the latest. The new Spot a Clock is posted, along with the older ones, on the Spot a Clock page



The Next Mart is Sunday, November 15, 2015.

Our next meeting is on Sunday, November 15, 2015 at the Norway House. Please see the Events page for times.

The November meeting’s educational talk will be given by Peter Lakatos entitled “Modern Watches”. Bring your modern watches for display and discussion.

There is an interesting video of a clock made in 1375 AD on YouTube. There are some recreations of this in a shopping center in Dubai and a museum in Switzerland. Take a look, we think you will find it interesting.

Hope to see you there.

The Next Mart is Sunday, September 20, 2015.

Our next meeting is on Sunday, September 20, 2015 at the Norway House. Please see the Events page for times.

We have posted the newsletter for September so go to the Newsletter page and check it out. You can also sign up for the email version by using our  new subscribe button on the page.

The Educational talk for September will be “How I spent my summer vacation: The Future of Clock Making” by Mike Dempsey, and I am pretty sure that he will be talking about making a clock or clock parts using a 3d printer.

Hope to see you there.

Midwest Regional August 7th and 8th in Valparaiso, In

Please Help! Volunteers are needed for the Midwest regional.

We need volunteers to help at the Registration Desk. Please contact Dorothy Hanson at (63O) 323-7984 (Evenings before 10 p.m. CDT) or email her at fhansen34@yahoo.com.

The Midwest Regional returns as a two day event this year on August 7th and 8th at the Porter County Exposition Center, 215 East Division Road, in Valparaiso, Indiana

The pre-registration deadline is July 20th. You can register at at the NAWCC’s website or print out and mail a paper copy.

The 2015 Exhibit will be :  Illinois Bunn Special, 16 Size
The Program will be Michael Chamelin, Author of The 16 Size Illinois Bunn Special 1913-1948

Electric Horology Chap. 78, British Horology Chap. 159, and Horological Tool Chapter 173 will be having Meetings and presentations.
There will be a Tailgate on Friday morning before the mart opens(weather permitting) and a banquette on Friday night after the mart closes.
This is always a fun event and you should come if you can.
If you can help out by volunteering some time it really makes a difference. Our organization is what you make it.
Hope to see you there.

Next Mart will be September 20, 2015

We had our May Mart on May 3 and it went well.  Forty six people attended, Mike Dempsey gave a talk on repairing hairsprings and the pin pallet escapement (the most commonly used escapement today.)

May 2015 Mart

Make sure that you check out the most recent “Spot a Clock.”

Have a great summer and we will see you in September.